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It’s a kind of Blue Magic…

Feb 5th, 2013

It’s a kind of Blue Magic…

Blue Magic DiamondThe Blue Magic is a pear-shaped fancy vivid blue diamond weighing 12.02 carat. It was graded by the GIA in 2004.

The name “Blue Magic” for the diamond seems to emphasize the rare fancy vivid blue color of this unique diamond. The phenomenon of blue diamonds is an extremely rare occurrence in nature; on top of that to have a fancy vivid blue diamond, the highest color grading for any color, becomes a “rarest of the rare” occurrences in nature. The sight of the diamond even on a photograph is breathtaking, talk less of having a first hand experience in viewing the diamond, whose beauty would be unimaginable.

According to the GIA report below, the cut grade would be around a 3 (good) so there’s room for improvement. Color and clarity cannot be faulted but it would appear that as spectacular a diamond this may be, there is room for improvement.

Magic Blue GIA Snapshow

Natural blue diamonds are among the rarest of colored diamonds and their color comes from the presence of minute amounts of the element boron incorporated within the crystal lattice of the stone during its crystallization process. They belong to the extremely rare Type IIB category of diamonds and are semi-conductors of electricity; an attribute which makes them unique among other diamonds.

This pear-shaped diamond of 12.02 carat is part of a very elite group of remarkable blue diamonds offered at auction and has been awarded the highest (fancy) color grade- vivid by the GIA.


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