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5 years and then some…

May 28th, 2013

5 years and then some…

What an incredible first 5 years it has been for Master Diamond Cutters here in Prince Albert (and 15 years or so in Canada!

Sirius Star…the world’s brightest diamond continues to make huge inroads into the market. We’re honored by your support in helping us establish the new standard in light performance.

Starting a diamond factory in the middle of nowhere at a time when the world markets were in free-fall was questioned by many and supported by few. Looking back at what we’ve achieved (with your support, a handful of shoestrings, some wings and a lot of prayer) we are grateful for every visit, call, email, inquiry, share, fax, like, follow, message, tweet and request. If you haven’t made the trip to your diamond factory yet- our doors are always open!

If you’ve been following the diamond newswires, you’ll know that the new owner of the Ekati mine, Dominion Diamond Corporation (DDC), is the only diamond mining company in the world that can guarantee all their diamonds to be conflict-free, Canadian-mined.

Our first parcel of goods will be arriving later this week, and in weeks to come we will have a range of sizes 1.00 carat and smaller in the colors and clarities you’ve come to expect from the Ekati and Diavik mines.

Our little factory on the prairies is busier than ever due to a growing list of manufacturing contracts which we’ve been awarded, as well as our growing, loyal base of fine jewellery retailers, traders, dealers and appraisers who trust our team of master diamond cutters and polishers to re-cut, repair and re-polish their diamonds to the highest standard you have come to expect.

Over the last 18 months or so, we’ve evaluated our production output and our ability to provide you with the ideal inventory mix. We made the decision to partner with a company that shares our passion for the world’s brightest diamond® and more importantly, are able to provide us with a steady supply of Sirius Star Diamonds in all the sizes that we are unable to produce here in Canada.

The decision to license the manufacturing of our design to another company is not one that we simply made overnight,

• Our first and foremost priority was to ensure the guaranteed Canadian provenance. Every diamond will be tracked with the same accuracy as our provenance guarantee.
• Secondly, the quality of each and every Sirius Star Diamond will be consistent with our cut grade standards.
• Lastly, the ability to maintain a steady production to ensure that collectively we are able to meet your exact inventory requirements.

Product of Canada / 100% Pure Canadian

Effective 1 June 2013, only Sirius Star Diamonds in sizes larger than 0.70 carat will be cut and polished here in Canada.
• These will continue to be marketed as 100% Pure Canadian Diamonds (mined, designed, cut & polished in Canada)
• All sizes larger than 0.75 carat will be graded by AGS Laboratories.
• All will be inscribed with the serial # and logo.

Made in Canada / Canadian-mined

Effective 1 June 2013, all Sirius Star Diamonds in sizes smaller than 0.7 carat will be manufactured abroad.
• These will be marketed as Canadian-mined (mined & designed in Canada, cut & polished abroad).
• All sizes 0.40-0.69 carat (H SI+) will all be graded and inscribed by AGS Laboratories.
• All sizes under 0.40 carat will be inscribed only.
Additionally, diamonds that are sourced elsewhere such as the DRC, Botswana or Lesotho will become available in a broad range of sizes as we aim to provide you with traditional shapes (princess, round brilliant, pear and ovals) cut to the highest standards.
• These will be marketed as Made in Canada (mined in e.g. DRC)
• All sizes larger than 0.40 carat (H SI+) will all be graded and inscribed by AGS Laboratories.
• All will be inscribed with the serial # and logo.

Inspired Design + Byard F. Brogan

Sirius Star Inspired by Byard F. Brogan

We are honored to have partnered with two of the finest jewellery design and manufacturing companies in the world to provide our Sirius Star Diamond Specialists with a fine range of jewellery that features our diamonds.

better Customer value than manufacturers and/or importers of less expensive jewelry.
Byard F. Brogan has been manufacturing fine jewellery since 1908- an enduring legacy. Headed by Byard F. Brogan III, their company continues to strive to provide Customers with the highest quality jewellery, pearls and diamonds. Through choosing to maintain the highest standards and product quality, Byard F. Brogan delivers much

Inspired by everything from architecture and art, through to technology and even automotive design, jeweller Ian Douglas and his award-winning team at The Inspired Collection have created not just a collection of unique engagement rings, but art pieces.

These striking engagement rings are a breath of fresh air in an industry where an over-reliance on technology is producing generic, monotonous design en masse.

As partners in a truly unique venture, we all believe that quality, innovation, honesty and integrity are paramount in everything we do.

Who do we do the things that we do?

In closing, I was honored to have been asked by the American Gem Society to participate in the opening session at the Phoenix Conclave (representing our diverse group of AGS Registered Suppliers). This was nerve-wrecking, to say the least, as I also had to prepare and write (including grading some diamonds) – let alone pass my AGS Registered Supplier Title Holder exam that very same morning. In the midst of all the preparation for Conclave, I got to answer the one question that I’ve never really been able to explain to professionals (such as you) and consumers alike.

The question: “So what exactly is it that you do?” I now have two answers. To jewellery professionals, the answer is really simple:

We aim to cut the finest diamonds to the highest cut grades- whilst pushing the boundaries of diamond design for optimal light performance“,

…but moving beyond the technical aspects, the following answer serves as a reminder to us all:

“We cut for the “Yes I do!“, for the “WOW!“, for the “OMG!“, for “that’s incredible!“, for “thank you!“, and “I love you“…

We cut diamonds for you!”

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